Gray Calhoun’s academic homepage

I’m Gray Calhoun, an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Iowa State. I work on Econometric theory, especially time series and applications to forecasting and forecast evaluation. I graduated with a PhD from UC San Diego in 2009, where I worked with Graham Elliott and Allan Timmermann.

Course pages

Working papers

  1. Improved stepdown methods for asymptotic control of generalized error rates with repo
  2. An asymptotically normal out-of-sample test of equal predictive accuracy for nested models with repo
  3. Block bootstrap consistency under weak assumptions with repo
  4. Out-of-sample comparisons of overfit models with repo and supplemental appendix


  1. Hypothesis testing in linear regression when k/n is large. Journal of Econometrics, 165(2), 2011: 163–174. Link, R package, and additional files

Short essays/notes